10th -11th -12th March 2017
“NAFPLIO-ARTIVA 3rd YOUTH MUSIC FESTIVAL” (children – student – youth choirs and instrumental ensembles) organized by ARTIVA Cultural Management & Advertising will be held for the third consecutive year 10th -11th -12th March 2017 in Vouleftiko (1st Hellenic Parliament). It is located in the center of the old town of Nafplio, in the historic Syntagmatos Square.

For the third time, the festival aims to enhance the artistic creativity of children and young people, to highlight the achievement of common purpose through cooperation and also give the public the opportunity to enjoy Greek and foreign composers through the art of choral and instrumental music.
The artistic program of the festival has no competitive character.
The concerts will be held in “Vouleftiko” a place of great historical importance because it was the 1st Greek House of Parliament. It has also excellent acoustics giving significant advantage in choirs and ensembles which present their program there.
“NAFPLIO-ARTIVA 3rd YOUTH MUSIC FESTIVAL” apart from its artistic dimension has also guest acquaintance with the city of Nafplio (one of the most beautiful cities in Greece) with significant contemporary history (first capital of the Greek State) and the prefecture of Argolida with the world famous ancient historical sites (ancient Tiryns, Mycenae,Epidaurus).

Participation is open to children, youth, student choirs and vocal groups and instrumental ensembles (either in the form of choir accompaniment or autonomous). Duration of the program should not exceed 20 minutes.

For more information please contact ARTIVA tel:+3(0)2752400488, +3(0)6937305941,  E-mail,